Univox is a mixed-voice community choir for young adults with relationship building, social responsibility and musical excellence at its core. It serves the Bloordale community and the City of Toronto by offering spirited performances of choral music, both old and new. Performed works are primarily a cappella and span a wide range of the choral spectrum; Renaissance madrigals and motets, choral classics, modern composition, spirituals, and international folk songs. We also have a composer-in-residence program and are proud to première work from local talent.

The singers come from a diverse range of musical backgrounds; most have sung in choirs at different times during their education. Univox aims to fill the niche for young adults who wish to continue to have a rewarding choral experience with others in their age group.

The name Univox has Latin origins and means “one voice”. Music is a universal language which spans all classes, cultures and faiths. Univox celebrates diversity and the cultural mosaic of our community. Although music provides a deeply spiritual experience, it is not isolated to any one faith and encompasses all of humanity. We praise music with one voice, united in the spirit of truth, beauty and goodness. We use our voice as a vehicle for the improvement of the quality of life for ourselves and those around us, touching and opening the hearts of our listeners and overcoming the obstacles that separate us.

The choir’s season usually runs September-June with performances in December, March and June. The season begins with a choir retreat and wraps up with a tour.

Univox welcomes new members on an ongoing basis. Join us!

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