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Florivox Choir

Launched in September 2014, Florivox is our very own Women's Choir.  Rehearsals are on Monday nights. Interested in joining us next season? Submit your application now!

Univox Choir

Interested in joining us next season? Please submit your application to join the waiting list.  Rehearsals are on Tuesday nights. Thanks for your interest! 

Both choirs are open to young adults in their 20s through their 30s. Whether you’ve sung in choirs in the past and want to get back at it, are an accomplished professional musician or an inexperienced singer wanting to try something new, this may be the place for you!

Please note: If you select "Join either choir" on the survey below, you will be expected to commit to whichever choir sends you an invitation. If you have a strong preference for either Univox or Florivox, please select that choir.

Membership Fees

Univox & Florivox are membership supported and have some of the lowest membership fees in Toronto; $135 for the remainder of the season. Payment plans available. Fees are pro-rated if you join mid-way through the season.

Registration is now Closed for Univox and Florivox for our January season. Please check back March 1st for 3rd term availability for Univox. Thanks for your interest!

More questions? See the F.A.Q. below.




When does the choir season run?
Our season runs from September to June each year. There are no rehearsals in the summer.
When do rehearsals take place?
Florivox rehearsals take place on Mondays from 6:15-8:30 PM and Univox rehearsals take place on Tuesdays from 5:45-8:00 PM at Dufferin & Bloor.
How many concerts do you perform each year?
Each choir typically performs 3 concerts per year as part of our regular season. However, we also participate in additional performances and events as they arise throughout the year.
What kind of music do you sing? Is your organization affiliated with a religion?
We perform primarily a cappella works that span a wide range of the choral spectrum, including Renaissance madrigals, Choral classics, modern compositions, spirituals, folk, pop music and original works.

While at times our works have religious themes, we are a secular group that pulls from many different cultures and religions. For more ideas about the type of music we sing, please see our YouTube Channel.

Are new members required to audition?
New members are not required to audition, we allow anyone interested in joining to participate! We do expect members to join with an interest in choral music and willingness to practice on their own time.
Is previous choral experience required?
Previous choral experience is not required, however knowledge of basic music theory and ability to sight-read are important skills that are useful for those joining us. We expect more novice singers to do their best to enhance their skills through personal practice, using online learning tools, taking private lessons and attending sectionals.
Why do you have a waiting list? How long is the waiting list and when can I join?
In order to ensure balance and maintain our pillar of musical excellence we have membership caps for each section. Unfortunately, due to higher volume of requests from sopranos and altos the wait times will be longer than for tenors and basses. The length of the waiting list varies from term to term, so unfortunately we cannot provide you with an accurate timeline for when you may be invited to join us.
What are the fees to join and what do they cover?
Fees for the year are $200. The fees cover all rehearsal costs, music, and concert-related expenses (excluding concert attire). The fees do not include retreat and tour expenses; members must pay for these separately if they are planning to attend. We strive to be an accessible organization and if finances prohibit members from participating they can speak with the choir Treasurer to discuss a payment plan.
Are members required to fundraise?
The majority of the organization’s revenue comes from fundraising and concert ticket sales, therefore it is important that members help spread the word about upcoming concerts and to make tickets available to their family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances.

Members are also expected to participate and assist with other fundraising initiatives and events for the choir throughout the season. Each member will be expected to raise $100 throughout the course of the year through these various initiatives.

How often do you go on tours and retreats? What is the purpose of these extra commitments?
We typically have a 2-3 day retreat at the beginning of the season at a camp within a couple hours’ drive of Toronto. While this is not mandatory, we encourage all members to attend as we have rehearsals during retreat, which helps us get a jump-start on our music for the season. It is also a great opportunity to get to know the other members and build community with the group.

Univox has previously done an annual tour, which is typically a local trip by bus within Ontario/ Quebec over a 4-day period. We sing a few concerts, participate in some sightseeing and have free time to explore the cities. This is a great opportunity to sing for different audiences and discover new areas with the group. We also had our first international tour in our 2014-15 season and we hope to be able to continue participating in these tours every 3-4 years.

As Florivox is a newer ensemble, we have yet to participate in a tour. Our goal is to have tours regularly similar to Univox, although the frequency of which has yet to be established.