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Univox Choir

Describing the Choir

Note, that there are three names used formally by the choir: Univox Choirs or Univox Choirs Toronto refers to the parent organization that oversees both choirs. Univox or Univox Choir Toronto refers to only the mixed voice choir. Florivox refers to the all-womens choir.

Univox Choirs

Univox Choirs is a non-profit music organization composed of two sister choirs that share the same core principles: musical excellence, social responsibility, and relationship building. Musical excellence is achieved with weekly rehearsals, workshops and sectional practices arranged by choir members. Univox Choirs upholds its social responsibility by partnering with local charities and making accessibility of the ensemble and its venues a priority. We work to build and nurture relationships among choir members as well as with outside communities through choir retreats, social events, and local and international concert tours.

Univox Choirs. One Voice. Many Hearts.

Univox Choir

Univox is a mixed-voice community choir for young adults that focuses on creating wonderful music in a fun and uplifting environment with relationship building, social responsibility and musical excellence at its core. With choral music as the vehicle, Univox strives to improve the quality of life for our singers, audiences, and communities. It serves the community of Bloordale and the city of Toronto by offering spirited performances of choral music, both old and new. Performed works are primarily a cappella, and span a wide range of the choral spectrum. The singers come from a diverse range of musical backgrounds—most have sung in choirs at different times during their education. Univox aims to fill the niche for young adults who wish to continue to have a rewarding choral experience with others in their age group.

Florivox Choir

Florivox is a non-auditioned women's choir that was launched in September 2014 under the auspices of the Univox Choir organization. Just like its parent choir, a love of singing and strong sense of community are guiding principles of Florivox. The name, which is latin for flourishing voices, is emblematic of the core belief in the power of choral music to transform oneself and others. Members meet once a week to explore a wide variety of styles and to develop choral/singing skills, all within a friendly and supportive environment.

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